Back in the Saddle, Almost

Been away from home improvements for a while, focusing on my quilled greeting cards and part-taking in various craft sales.  A new year, a new eye for what I want to keep on with here.  Before I start up with that, as my wheels are still turning a bit, I want to mention the gloriousness of the BC Renovation Rebate.  My sister-in-law brought it to my attention a while back, but I put it out of my mind for a bit then happen to open up the Thrifty's magazine only to see an ad for a company that will do the rebate for you - kind of like paying someone to do your taxes - it's just something you sometimes need to do!

Anyhoo, took ALL our receipts for the renovation over to them and now we wait to see what happens next.  All that was required was our receipts, our building permit and a current utility bill.  The renovation to had to have happened within  the last 2 years as well.  Phew, made it.  From what we know so far we get 4% of the renovation costs back and the paperwork people take 20% our net for payment and only when we/if we get a rebate.

So excited by this and it needed to be shared in case you too are doing a renovation. I believe more than 50% of your home needed to have done a major renovation on it to qualify - all these facts are seen through your building permit. 

Here's hoping!

Here's a link...it's VERY hard to find information on this, yet another reason, other than a headache, to just get a pro to help you do it.


Hope you can use it too and I really hope it works out for us!