Halo it is!  We've finally settled on a theme for the boys' room.  I'm not generally a theme type person for kids rooms, but I think Halo will make the exception.  I too am a Halo nerd along with my husband and both kids.  My oldest started playing when he was 2 - good parenting?  I think so.  I have a fictional crush on Master Chief I do believe.

First thought was Bowser for my eldest side and Bumble Bee (Transformer) for my youngest but I just couldn't sink my teeth into the idea.  It hit me yesterday while watching them play with their Master Chief action figures, why not Halo!?!

Paint colour bought today is 'Canada Goose' by General Paint - sorry I can't get an image of the colour but it's basically gray.

 I just love this image and can have it customised to life-sized for 19 pounds each as well as many colour choices.  Found via Ebay

This is also a contender and I love the bright colours.

Have purchased this green puzzle light already and think it's a perfect choice for having not knowing the theme at the time.

Exciting!  I may spend more time in their room than mine!


Roof Trusses

You know things are moving along when the roof trusses come in.  Not a job I would envy doing - climbing around a roof, perching on the edge of things, yikes.

Trusses were completed yesterday so today they are sheathing.  

I think I've made my husband look at plans for too long!
Nah, just a Halloween necessity from Costco that were sitting right along side the Christmas decorations.  It's still summer people!


Second Floor and Patio

What a difference a week can make.  Second floor is mostly up and will have the roof trusses up next week.  The kids are having a great time poking around up there with Dad but I'm too chicken to climb up the ladder to have a peek.  

Sealed the patio today.  Right as I finished a wind picked up from no where and scattered sawdust all about so I'm hoping it had dried enough before that happened so it doesn't stick in it forever.  *sigh

 Ooh wee, look how big it is now!

Top left is the boys' bedroom, top right is master with a vertical window on each side of room (that little opening just hasn't been cut out yet).  Bottom left is two windows flanking french door and right are triple windows in the TV area.

Getting start after brushing powder to the depth we wanted and then using the leaf blower to remove any dust and debris.


- just a light sheen that can be made shinier with extra coats (we won't be).


Patio Light

Hmmm, I'm once again torn about light fixtures.  I've narrowed it down to two reasonably priced options.  I am WAY too frugal to spend any more than $200(ish) on a light - not when there are many options at all price levels.  With a little effort the "look for less" can be achieved and that's exactly what I'm aiming for.

Here are the finalists from www.barnlightelectric.com - a great site for vintage style fixtures mixed with new.  I think my contractor was a little surprised by my choice as he thinks of these as warehouse front lights.  I think they're a pretty cool and unexpected choice, I'll convert  him.

I personally prefer the second option, but my husband prefers the first. Thoughts (and yes, I know the second is almost $70 more)?

All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount

on sale for $119

The Original Warehouse Gooseneck Light



Framing Started

What a productive Tuesday around here.  Not on my part though, I'm amazed how little I did yesterday and it felt great!  The crew flew through creating the exterior framing and it's pretty exciting to see it really happening.

Window styles were decided on and ordered and today we'll give our final decision on the patio door style which will be French. Costs a little more but I think it adds value in the end and helps to customise the look.

Shortly after these photos were taken we were hit with heavy rain, thunder and lighting.  All right when we were about to make dinner on the camp stove.  It's an adventure!

 Left side is the bathroom, right side will be part of the living room and giant tv wall.

 Left side is "tv area" with 3 windows across, right side is patio door - 2 windows flanking the French door

 Left side is patio door, then 2 windows will flank the piano then wood stove in the corner.

Next Monday the second storey floor will go on.


Concrete Poured

Friday was driveway and slab get 'er done concrete pour.  A large number of very muscular men showed up at 7:30am and speedily, yet carefully, wheel barrelled load upon load of concrete to create the house slab, driveway repair and new patio.  It was suggested by our contractor that we take advantage of them being here and have them do a patio at the same time.  Great idea and it was the right price so we went for it.  I'm really pleased we did but am busting to know exactly what colour it will turn out.  Right now it's a dark charcoal but there's such a layer of the dye dust on it still that we don't know the exact effect.  Wish it would stay the same as it is now but in the end it will likely be quite marbled.  Scrubbing will remove any of the bits I don't like.  For the deal we were given I'm fine with that!

Well it was a gorgeous day so beers on our current "patio" (table and chairs on grass) is in store for this evening.

 Too bad I don't have any roller skates, that's a perfect spot for it.

 Kids got to do their prints

 The difference in colour and pattern will be less noticeable once we install a fence with gate (for future dog) along that line and onto the garden path.

 This is one spot that has less dye on it which I believe the rest will look like once it's cleaned up.  

 It's much darker in person, much like a piece of charcoal.

The stamping mats and dye.


1 Month In (for house)

Back fill day.  I think the noise from the equipment trumped any noise my kids could make and that's a lot!  Really interesting to see this all taking shape and to know the end is coming into view...well sort of.

Tomorrow I believe they start on pouring the driveway (where it was dug up) as well as a patio area.  It was suggested that we put in a patio at this time since the concrete was going down for the drive we may as well take advantage and have them pour the patio too.  Rather than a combed look like the rest of the drive, the patio will be a gray stamped concrete.  Many options to choose from as well as patterns.  

One hiccup on the house so far.  When they were removing the stucco off the front porch they found an extremely rotten part.  We're pretty sure it's contained to just one part of the porch, but still it's a reminder that a project can sky rocket pretty quick with unforeseen problems. 

Aw, bummer, the slide dirt pile is slowly being used up.  Snow saucers in summer - nice!

 The pad.
Still need to finish paint on garage door, entry door and top belly band.  Window sill not on yet either.

 The house is pretty close to the garage but we don't intend to use it for a normal size car.  Only needs to house the Mini and the motorcycle.  

 Again, looking at the French Door spot

 It's like camping for 3 months!  Our new shower stall complete with change room.  We run the hose to the laundry tub faucet for a nice shower.  Class-aaaay.

New patio inspiration
.  I'm really hoping this is a modelled as the colour will get.  The dye tends to pool leaving heavy colour in some spot which to me look like dirty footprints.