1 Month In (for house)

Back fill day.  I think the noise from the equipment trumped any noise my kids could make and that's a lot!  Really interesting to see this all taking shape and to know the end is coming into view...well sort of.

Tomorrow I believe they start on pouring the driveway (where it was dug up) as well as a patio area.  It was suggested that we put in a patio at this time since the concrete was going down for the drive we may as well take advantage and have them pour the patio too.  Rather than a combed look like the rest of the drive, the patio will be a gray stamped concrete.  Many options to choose from as well as patterns.  

One hiccup on the house so far.  When they were removing the stucco off the front porch they found an extremely rotten part.  We're pretty sure it's contained to just one part of the porch, but still it's a reminder that a project can sky rocket pretty quick with unforeseen problems. 

Aw, bummer, the slide dirt pile is slowly being used up.  Snow saucers in summer - nice!

 The pad.
Still need to finish paint on garage door, entry door and top belly band.  Window sill not on yet either.

 The house is pretty close to the garage but we don't intend to use it for a normal size car.  Only needs to house the Mini and the motorcycle.  

 Again, looking at the French Door spot

 It's like camping for 3 months!  Our new shower stall complete with change room.  We run the hose to the laundry tub faucet for a nice shower.  Class-aaaay.

New patio inspiration
.  I'm really hoping this is a modelled as the colour will get.  The dye tends to pool leaving heavy colour in some spot which to me look like dirty footprints.  

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