Framing Started

What a productive Tuesday around here.  Not on my part though, I'm amazed how little I did yesterday and it felt great!  The crew flew through creating the exterior framing and it's pretty exciting to see it really happening.

Window styles were decided on and ordered and today we'll give our final decision on the patio door style which will be French. Costs a little more but I think it adds value in the end and helps to customise the look.

Shortly after these photos were taken we were hit with heavy rain, thunder and lighting.  All right when we were about to make dinner on the camp stove.  It's an adventure!

 Left side is the bathroom, right side will be part of the living room and giant tv wall.

 Left side is "tv area" with 3 windows across, right side is patio door - 2 windows flanking the French door

 Left side is patio door, then 2 windows will flank the piano then wood stove in the corner.

Next Monday the second storey floor will go on.

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