Came through the front door to put down my day's purchases only to find the most awesome of sights, my living room!

It's so bright and spacious and we have sooo done the right thing in doing this renovation.  Seeing all the white drywall makes me also think white should be the wall colour in there.  Keep it bright (makes cutting in not so fussy too).

 See, there's the kitchen!

 View from the stairs.

Patio door is in, but alas there was a mishap installing the doorknob so a repair or replace is in order tomorrow.


Epic Painting

We ended last week with a dry walled upper floor and a delivery of the remaining Hardie Siding and trim pieces.  Our endlessly dry summer is to end Monday so we hope to have much of it painted this weekend.   Really, we only NEED to pre-paint what will be on the higher parts, but it sure would be nice to have it installed with only caulking needing to be painted at the end.  We'll see how we do.  

So next week is the taper coming to work upstairs while the others continue on down then after that it's over to us to paint inside.  Can't wait!  While the taper is working (and they're done the drywall) they'll start work on replacing the rotten wood bits around the old house. 

 Boys' closet
 Master - spot where the bed will go

Upstairs bath

 Master - TV wall
 Staircase.  We really think we should've installed a fireman's pole from the boys closet to below...DARN IT!

Last weekend's painting (those are stacks of Hardie on the left, not just a few.
Our next lot :/ Hardie on the left, trim work and belly bands on the right.



We end this week with an insulated house, new skylight, all windows installed (except kitchen replacement), temporary stairs in, shower/tubs in.  Oh, and the outside wrapping done.  

Today we'll continue painting the Hardie Siding so we don't need to venture up on tall ladders too much.  Such a nice day out so we must take advantage while we can.  Dry, dry summer.  

Downstairs bath on the left, living room tv area on the right.

 Purchased via brochure - a little nerve racking in case it wasn't deep enough, but they're fine.  Only $602!

 Boards in the way from the skylight install to get upstairs, but this is a view of the kids room with ours to the left.


 Shhh, secret room under the stairs for the kiddos.

 Recessed lighting

 From the front it doesn't look any different really

 but...from the side, HUGE!

I *think I like the garage door colour, still another coat to go.  I mixed it myself with the sill and house colour.



I am so hugely stoked by our day.  Savings were all around and it's making me think all that luck should send me out to buy a lottery ticket.

Firstly, my sourcing of the ethanol fireplace via a used website played out so well.  When we decided against a wood stove due to the cost we decided ethanol would be a cool alternate.  I used to work in a store that sold them so checked there first - my favourite one was discontinued so I went on the hunt on the internet.  Found it at four other places - all sold out.  RATS!  It hit me - check a local used site.  Wa-hoo, the exact one I wanted for $500.  Keep in mind these particular fireplaces originally priced at $2000, now around $1500 for their discontinued prices so this was a steal.  Not only that, but it was being sold by a business that was re-doing their showroom so it had never been fired and came with 16 litres of ethanol.  

Our other score for the day was finding two one-piece shower/tubs for $602 each.  I was expecting to pay over $1500 for each but I was hugely surprised what we ended up spending.  It was bought via catalogue so here's hoping they look good in person.

Also found most of the remaining light fixtures and all bought using our military discount the store offers.  

Time for a beer and put my feet up after all that shopping!

'Chimo, Wave'
Our new beauty, can't wait to hang it!


2 Months In (house)

Yay, the temporary stairs went in today giving me the chance to finally see the upstairs.  I'm very pleased with all that's been done.  Until now I've been relying on my husband and kids to go up the ladder and report on progress up there.  Very frustrating as you can well imagine, a four year old doesn't quite my design direction!

Pretty big glitch today, the first two feet of the original house is rotting away to powdery dust.  We knew it might be the case with such an old house, but you hope for the best.  Our two options for dealing with the issue are a).  To install the Hardie Siding over top of the rotten wood in which case our contractor would not put his name to it as it would fall off within a year or b).  Remove all the rotten bits and replace with pressure treated wood and do it properly.  Option B is clearly the only choice but comes at a price.  Don't know the price to the dollar just yet but it's looking in the couple of thousand mark.  Bummer, but this is why we didn't budget the project with our top dollar.  Plan for a house you'll be happy in at a conservative budget and have a reserve for the unexpected.  We'll still be fine with our budget so it is what it is. 

Our stairs have taken some fine tuning as well.  We gained another 7" when the project started moving ahead thus making the stairwell one step taller, thus making it one step further into the hall and into the support beam.  They've solved this by making the entry into the hall a foot narrower and creating a landing between the kitchen into hall steps and the stairs bottom step.  Hard to describe, I'll take a picture.

Our only other change, made while camping, is that we'll be nixing the wood stove in the living room for now.  Our Contractor called up to say that the installation of all the parts, minus the stove itself would be about $3100.  Then add to that another $2000-$3000 for the stove itself!  No thanks, we don't want to spend $6000 on a stove when we already have one.  If we didn't then we would've gone through with it.  The solution is an ethanol burning wall mounted "fireplace".  They are very slick looking, attractive, give off a pleasing flame and require no special installation or clearance.  It's on par with burning candles.  They don't give off much heat, like a candle, but do warm the area close by enough to take the edge off.

Big shopping day tomorrow with a friend.  Here's my list...

2 x Shower/Tub
2 x Shower taps
1 x Toilet
2 x Sink/vanity
Fireplace (found a huge score on a used website, I'll post if the deal pans out)
12 x Door and closet knobs
8 x Various light fixtures

Better go clear out the trunk for all those lights I'll hopefully smoothly find.

 See, the last step is very close to that beam.
 Hard to believe that was a rubble pile a month ago.

 Doodles of ideas for the stair solution.

 My closet (hubby I suppose can use the small one on the right if he must)  with bathroom beyond (insert Angelic singing here).


 Call me crazy, but I'm really digging the white on the original house.  Hubby would have my head since we've already painted the garage the 'seaweed'.  Oh well, I've lots of white happening inside to keep me happy.

 After all that stink about which Goose Neck Light to buy, they were sold out of the one in our price point and the electrician needed to know where to put the connection.  I ran out yesterday with my youngest in tow and burned through 4 light stores to end up with this one.  Not my dream fixture but I do like it's simplicity, size and price ($89).  With all that savings of over $100 not buying the Goose Neck it afforded the prints I bought online yesterday.  Win, win!



I am so pleased with the 4 pieces of art we've purchased for the new house.  Beyond happy with all of them and am busting for the day when they can be hung.  Today I purchased 3 prints online that I found via someone's 'pin' on Pinterest that led me to someone's blog that featured the artist's work.  Pinterest is a wonderful thing!

House build update coming your way soon!  It's busy with electricians right now.

My (our) treasures...

'Round the Bend' 
original art by:
Anne Bowen

Print by:
Janet Hill Studio

 'This Is The Place She Had Been Heading All Her Life'
Print by:
Janet Hill Studio

Print by:
Janet Hill Studio