I am so hugely stoked by our day.  Savings were all around and it's making me think all that luck should send me out to buy a lottery ticket.

Firstly, my sourcing of the ethanol fireplace via a used website played out so well.  When we decided against a wood stove due to the cost we decided ethanol would be a cool alternate.  I used to work in a store that sold them so checked there first - my favourite one was discontinued so I went on the hunt on the internet.  Found it at four other places - all sold out.  RATS!  It hit me - check a local used site.  Wa-hoo, the exact one I wanted for $500.  Keep in mind these particular fireplaces originally priced at $2000, now around $1500 for their discontinued prices so this was a steal.  Not only that, but it was being sold by a business that was re-doing their showroom so it had never been fired and came with 16 litres of ethanol.  

Our other score for the day was finding two one-piece shower/tubs for $602 each.  I was expecting to pay over $1500 for each but I was hugely surprised what we ended up spending.  It was bought via catalogue so here's hoping they look good in person.

Also found most of the remaining light fixtures and all bought using our military discount the store offers.  

Time for a beer and put my feet up after all that shopping!

'Chimo, Wave'
Our new beauty, can't wait to hang it!

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