Garage Progress

We're into day 5 now and wow, what progress.  Framing is all done, electrical done and the digging of the concrete to ready for plumbing is done.  At the rate it's going I would imagine just a couple of more weeks.  We still need to paint the interior and exterior and to lay the floor in the living area.  We reckon we'll keep the front garage portion as just concrete.  No need for completely finished look in there and it saves a heap too $$$.  We'll just use carpet bits to cushion it a bit while we sleep in there for the next few months...fun!  

Here are the photos after today's work...

 Rubble from the floor dig up and a big pile of Hardie Board ready for me to paint

 Looking at the bathroom

 Old windows are out and framed new ones are ready

New window opening which will make it so much brighter in there


Garage Demolition Day

Bright and early at 7:30 am, the first delivery of materials rolled in.  I was still in my jammies!  Still no permits, blah, but ripping out the walls and windows is something that can be started without. Our municipality's Chief Planner recently stepped down from his position leaving our permit in the dust, just our luck, but onward and upward!  I can't expect everything to work how I want it to so I must be accepting of these things I can't control.

Wow, they worked fast!  After about 10 min most of the random panelling was in a heap on the drive, by days end it was empty with just a few windows to still be removed and all the garbage gone.  I did need to swoop in and rescue a few plants that I thought I'd have another day to save, but I managed alright to find them a safe home.  I was warned by family that they likely wouldn't want to be tiptoeing around my babies so I had a place in mind to put them so the job wasn't to hard.

We're pleased so far!  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


Boys' Cool Light

Found some pretty cool light fixtures for the boys room today at 'Seeing is Believing' so we picked up the large green size orb.  Sounds like it can be put together in various ways too, but I like the circular shape best.  One boy wanted blue, the other red so to comprise they could choose between orange, white or green.  Green was the winner, but  I was hoping for white.  Other colours were violet, pink and yellow.   I do want one for myself, but it may look silly if we've a couple of the same "unique" style lights happening so close to one another.  

I was thinking for a small child's room a yellow orb would be interesting to act as the sun, then you could use one of those leaf canopy's from Ikea as an interesting outdoorsy theme...maybe with a child's climbing wall too.

Happy with our find on this rainy Victoria Day!

Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp
Nothing electrical comes with the kit, but we plan on having it as a ceiling pendant.


Floor Delivery!

Well my forearms are black, blue and all scratched up, but at least these 56 boxes of vinyl plank got into the house from the heap on the drive (did my husband arrange the time knowing he'd be at work???? nah).  Ordered from Home Depot these were to arrive on Tuesday, but due to a miss-communication with them, as they were short boxes and had to have some transferred in, they were two days late.  Worked out well in the end for us as they refunded our $60 delivery charge, as suggested they do by my husband.  Fine by us.  Still didn't like that I waited an entire day for them to show up, but money back makes up for it.  When I saw these two palettes on the back of their big truck I felt the messy house tension growing.  That's a whole lotta space to be taken up for the next few months.  I'll have to suck it up and just let it be.  I've decided one of the 3 piles can also hold all my other things I'm collecting for the house.  The kids, on the other hand, think they are their new play towers (I rescued one heap from being demolished into slide ramps + plus those suckers are heavy and I hate to think of little toes getting squished).

{I'm not going shopping crazy, honest, but flooring was 10% off at HD only until the 16th so we had to act.}

Well it has begun so I must roll with it, BUT still no permits!!!  Geez, don't they know we're waiting, phft!

Also, keep your fingers crossed for an Ikea run on Saturday if my sister is well enough to go :{

These piles hold...

26 boxes of "Allure, Sapelli" vinyl plank $1.99 sq ft or $47 per 24 sq ft box for the garage
(hmm, looking for the image I see the US Home Depot sells them for 99 cents a sq ft :/)

and 30 boxes of "Allure, Cherry" vinyl plank (same price) for the living room - also is the same flooring we have throughout the house now.  Super durable and water resistant, although we've found it's held up extremely well to spills

This can be one of the "treasures" to live atop of the heap until it can be hung.  Another wonderful birthday gift, a dinner bell for the back porch.  "DIIIINNNNEEEEER!"


Dining Room

Well while we wait and wait and wait on permits I might as well focus on the fun bits for a while.  We were warned it might take up to six weeks to get them through and we're nearing that now, nice to know that everyone is ready as soon as we get the OK though.

I've had my fabric selected for ages now so I'll start to mentally put each room together.  I reckon while I'm down one daycare child this month I can start to do some sewing and since the now living room will be staying in tact I could be starting there.  The living room will become a nice sized dining room once we're all done.  It'll be quite nice in there as it's a South facing window so it's cheery on a sunny day plus we have a wood burning stove in there so makes it cosy on colder days.   I dream of actually having our family over for a meal without turning the house upside to accommodate everyone.  We don't entertain much now for this reason.

This is such a lovely print from Tonic Living and since I've very generous parents who gave me a gift card to them for my birthday, I can go ahead and purchase the yardage necessary to do the four panels for the, soon to be, dining room drapes!  (ooh goody, my husband just gave me a gift card to them too!)  I am not a great sewer, but I can manage a straight line alright, I also trust that no one ever looks at ones seams close enough to judge anyway...right? Riiiiiight?

Tonic Living's "Gazebo"  $22/yard

"Ingolf" dining chair from Ikea will someday make it's way into the fold, our current ones are being beaten into the ground by children!  @ $79.99 they're affordable and sturdy

The paint selection will be General Paint's "Juan de Fuca, CH060" which I'm having trouble getting an image of.  It's a shade of green that picks up on the gray tone on the fabric.  I'll also show the before of the "dining" room once it's tidied up a bit!  Our little one is sick today so the sofa is strewn with sicky supplies.

There it is, all tidy again and getting more and more cluttered as we need to find homes to put things as we go  

These current drapes will head on up to the boys' bedroom

Here it sits...waiting to become something useful, other than a storage space.  Picture this...foreground will be a bedroom, then a bathroom, then kitchenette, then living space.
Mini looks a little lonely :(



Good  news, bad news, but the good news is better.  The hazmat test came back with no findings of anything to serious other than a lead paint.  That means no pesky asbestos, so, phew.  Bad news is it cost a small fortune for them to tell us this news we pretty much knew already.  Houses aged prior to 1990 must have an asbestos test (among other hazardous materials) done on the portion of the house being removed.  We had determined ourselves this was highly unlikely, but just guessing isn't knowing so had to get 'er done.  

Hopefully, that's the last piece of the puzzle the municipal planner needs to finalise the permits so we can get rolling on the garage and to settle our financing.

Glad we don't need this sign up!