Garage Demolition Day

Bright and early at 7:30 am, the first delivery of materials rolled in.  I was still in my jammies!  Still no permits, blah, but ripping out the walls and windows is something that can be started without. Our municipality's Chief Planner recently stepped down from his position leaving our permit in the dust, just our luck, but onward and upward!  I can't expect everything to work how I want it to so I must be accepting of these things I can't control.

Wow, they worked fast!  After about 10 min most of the random panelling was in a heap on the drive, by days end it was empty with just a few windows to still be removed and all the garbage gone.  I did need to swoop in and rescue a few plants that I thought I'd have another day to save, but I managed alright to find them a safe home.  I was warned by family that they likely wouldn't want to be tiptoeing around my babies so I had a place in mind to put them so the job wasn't to hard.

We're pleased so far!  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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