Boys' Cool Light

Found some pretty cool light fixtures for the boys room today at 'Seeing is Believing' so we picked up the large green size orb.  Sounds like it can be put together in various ways too, but I like the circular shape best.  One boy wanted blue, the other red so to comprise they could choose between orange, white or green.  Green was the winner, but  I was hoping for white.  Other colours were violet, pink and yellow.   I do want one for myself, but it may look silly if we've a couple of the same "unique" style lights happening so close to one another.  

I was thinking for a small child's room a yellow orb would be interesting to act as the sun, then you could use one of those leaf canopy's from Ikea as an interesting outdoorsy theme...maybe with a child's climbing wall too.

Happy with our find on this rainy Victoria Day!

Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp
Nothing electrical comes with the kit, but we plan on having it as a ceiling pendant.

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