Floor Delivery!

Well my forearms are black, blue and all scratched up, but at least these 56 boxes of vinyl plank got into the house from the heap on the drive (did my husband arrange the time knowing he'd be at work???? nah).  Ordered from Home Depot these were to arrive on Tuesday, but due to a miss-communication with them, as they were short boxes and had to have some transferred in, they were two days late.  Worked out well in the end for us as they refunded our $60 delivery charge, as suggested they do by my husband.  Fine by us.  Still didn't like that I waited an entire day for them to show up, but money back makes up for it.  When I saw these two palettes on the back of their big truck I felt the messy house tension growing.  That's a whole lotta space to be taken up for the next few months.  I'll have to suck it up and just let it be.  I've decided one of the 3 piles can also hold all my other things I'm collecting for the house.  The kids, on the other hand, think they are their new play towers (I rescued one heap from being demolished into slide ramps + plus those suckers are heavy and I hate to think of little toes getting squished).

{I'm not going shopping crazy, honest, but flooring was 10% off at HD only until the 16th so we had to act.}

Well it has begun so I must roll with it, BUT still no permits!!!  Geez, don't they know we're waiting, phft!

Also, keep your fingers crossed for an Ikea run on Saturday if my sister is well enough to go :{

These piles hold...

26 boxes of "Allure, Sapelli" vinyl plank $1.99 sq ft or $47 per 24 sq ft box for the garage
(hmm, looking for the image I see the US Home Depot sells them for 99 cents a sq ft :/)

and 30 boxes of "Allure, Cherry" vinyl plank (same price) for the living room - also is the same flooring we have throughout the house now.  Super durable and water resistant, although we've found it's held up extremely well to spills

This can be one of the "treasures" to live atop of the heap until it can be hung.  Another wonderful birthday gift, a dinner bell for the back porch.  "DIIIINNNNEEEEER!"

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