Garage Progress

We're into day 5 now and wow, what progress.  Framing is all done, electrical done and the digging of the concrete to ready for plumbing is done.  At the rate it's going I would imagine just a couple of more weeks.  We still need to paint the interior and exterior and to lay the floor in the living area.  We reckon we'll keep the front garage portion as just concrete.  No need for completely finished look in there and it saves a heap too $$$.  We'll just use carpet bits to cushion it a bit while we sleep in there for the next few months...fun!  

Here are the photos after today's work...

 Rubble from the floor dig up and a big pile of Hardie Board ready for me to paint

 Looking at the bathroom

 Old windows are out and framed new ones are ready

New window opening which will make it so much brighter in there

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