My World is Crumbling (or Drive, to be less dramatic)

Well this is the scene outside after 1 1/2 weeks into the project.  Plumbing, electrical, framing, stucco removal and excavating all done.  Building portion seems to be going great, but a few issues with the inspector are causing us some upsets, but we'll get through it.

My wonderful neighbours also came over Saturday to help me get a jump on painting the Hardie Board siding.  A big job for one person as each piece is 12' long and about 10" wide.  I can move one at a time, but with their help we could do a 5 piece move at a time.  

Made it to Ikea yesterday so managed to spend a few bucks there for some light fixtures and other necessities. Island living makes Ikea trips and all day affair - up at 6am to catch a 9am ferry, drive for 1/2 hr, shop for a few hours then hop back onto the 5pm ferry to get home for 7:30, phew.  Worth it for the savings.

Pretty sure the house was going to fall apart with the excavator booming away then the chunks being dumped into their trucks...I ended up leaving the house because it was a bit much on the nerves.

View from the back of the garage

New window boxes are in (hope I don't break these ones with flinging rocks from the lawn mower).  Note the patchwork wood project from a previous owner

Patio is gone as well as part of the steps - watch out, that first one is a doozy! 
Middle two gray colours on the wall there are the paint choices

A woman would've moved the recycling boxes BEFORE this was dug up

Some goodies - more on the way when I place an order for furniture - unlike their commercial, strapping wardrobes and dressers onto our car was not an option :)

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