Almost There...

The guys have been very busy getting all this siding up!  The weather has been horrific considering it's the 3rd day of summer. I'm talking wind, heavy rain and COLD!  I'm not impressed at all and am seriously thinking of moving to Australia at this point.

So many details to consider...I bought all the door knobs and locks today and I felt a little confused at first about what I needed where and what a lock all looks like when it's installed.  I ended up with kit for the rear door, a keypad for the garage door and various others for the interior.  I really wanted black for all exterior hardware, but the price tripled so for the garage I'll keep it as the matt chrome and save the pricey black for the main house, it'll look fine.

So here is the garage after week 4.  I won't show the interior as it's basically the same but with mud coat 2 trying to dry.   Should be ready for us to get in there and paint and start flooring on Wednesday.

 Lower part is the colour, top bit is just primer but they ran out of my pre-painted boards.  Belly band is in and waiting for cedar shingles.

 The amount of painting is epic!  That fence is looking horrific (although in great repair thanks to a family fence fix day).

 No idea when they put in the replacement window - the first one sent didn't open (picture).

Poor Olivia doesn't quite know what to do with herself... raining outside and inside is quickly closing in with packing up.

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