Garage Drywalled

Well after an extremely stressful 4 days of waiting for the bank appraisal of our house plans, I can finally take a deep breath and relax.  All is well and the garage is coming along nicely.  Drywall is done now, just need to wait for the mudding and taping then it'll be my turn to get in there to paint and lay the floor then the electrician comes back to hang the fixtures and voila, interior is complete.  Siding will go up too in a couple of weeks.  It's only been 3 so we're pretty happy.  The kids have adapted to the giant pile of rubble that is now our back yard and know now to wear shoes out there at all times when making their way to the trampoline...their last bit of fun.  

My job while I wait for my labour intensive job is to begin to empty out the portion of the house that is to be lopped off.  I've bagged all my winter and dressy clothes and am trying to for see what I might want to be wearing in coming months.  Not easy, but at least it'll be summer so it's all more compact clothing and easy to move around.  

I'm learning to just relax my shoulders and talk out loud to myself (yes I really do) that everything is going well and just to let the mess be and it will all be paradise soon.   We told the builder my husband would hang the garage light fixtures, he questioned why?  I said well because he can.  The response to that was that "all that sort of thing is already priced out, it will take the electrician minutes to hang them and for him (hubby) to sit back and relax with a beer and just watch it happen."  Good idea, time to let others do things for us.  Hmmm, a taste of how the other half live, I could get used to that!

 No, our window isn't a foot tall, it just hasn't been cut out yet

Eep, imagine trying to install drywall without one of these!

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