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Busy last couple of days and days to come!  Spent yesterday priming the "living area" and today levelling the concrete floor.  All I can say is it's essential to have a support system when attempting any diy of this scope.  There's no way I could've completed painting yesterday had Mum not come over to watch the boys and there's no way I could've done the concrete on my own today without Dad (hubby's at work).  So much help from others as well - play dates, neighbours pitching in with painting and friends just helping in general either with the project or playing with the boys.  There's only so much TV babysitting I'll subject them to before feeling very guilty.

Anyway, I definitely got a work out in today and carried a total of 1200lbs with all the concrete bags from A to B to C.  I think we did a pretty good job and decided that once a job like that is done you've become really good at it compared to how you first started out.  Next floor levelling (if ever) will be easy peasy.

Well time to take break and pay some attention to my, also wonderfully supportive, children.  Maybe we'll make some brownies and do a craft or something.  I feel a little adrenlin still kicking from the project so I don't feel the need to hit the sofa...yet.

Prime coat - done!

 Map out where the concrete needs to be poured (I layed down a 2x4 to find the dips) then use a primer suitable for concrete - once very liquid to seal the concrete then another coat to make a tacky surface for the concrete to adhere to - concrete will not stick to concrete alone.

 We used 7 bags for the low parts, the whole floor would've taken about 12, but the store had run out of concrete so that's ok

 First fill a bucket with 3.8 litres of water

 Add contents of 50lb of levelling concrete

 I look a little dopey, but don't forget your dust mask unless you like sucking in micro particles

Mix it all for a good 5 minutes

Have handy Dad pouring while I work on next mix up as you only have 15 min to work with this stuff - 2 people is essential


Before - all gnarly and pebbley

After - all smooth

Not too shabby for a couple of first time self levelling concrete layers!  We'll soon find out when we start laying the vinyl plank on Sunday...how bad could it be?

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