Painting Beginnings

Picked up 10 gallons of various paints for various needs today.  Took in a detailed list to the paint store then did my grocery shopping as to not rush them.  Adds up, but a very kind neighbour just offered us his membership discount for the store we shop at which will get us 40% off future purchases - how nice, now THAT's why we love our neighbourhood!  I'll take him up on that offer on my next big purchase.  

I don't think the dry waller was here today, nothing looks any different, but the guys installed the interior doors and did a threshold as well as started work on the exterior with the lower belly band.  There's a fan drying something out in there now, should that be on for 2 days???

After they left I got a go on the sill painting.  Just two long boards so not very time consuming.  The rest of my weekend will be painting up the trim work.  Come on sun!  I think it will rain at least Saturday though which is unfortunate.

 10 gallons worth or primer and paints
 Trim work is pre-primed, love that!
The final colour choices...
General Paint's 'seaweed' (garage body and belly bands), 'barkchip' (sill detail, porch floor and perhaps fence) and 'wicket' (house body) with can white for trim work
I did think of more of a British Racing Green for the sillwork, but then remembered just how much I like to change up colours so a more neutral was selected - I'll have fun with colour on patio furniture and that kind of thing.

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