Two Weeks In

Just when you think it's never going to happen, wham-o, two weeks have gone by, along with heaps of progress.  What a transformation the garage has undergone, love it.  I can totally vision a large craft room/kids fun zone when this is all done.  As well, a nice house for the Mini and motorcycle.  I also thought today we'll have a great place to store bulk of things like toilet paper, and whatever is on sale that we can buy by the mass.    We'll also look into a chest freezer.  I'm a vegetarian, but I know it'd be handy for the rest of the household to have frozen meat handy, I can store waffles and fake meat.

Today my sister came over to help me paint the Hardie Plank, 22 boards in we decided it was a hugely ridiculous thing to be lifting these 12 foot boards over to the spot to paint, then onto the drying rack, then onto the spot to store them again.  I reckon total 45 have been painted out of the 150 that were delivered.  The job will be much easier when they're installed then I can just take a compressor to it and spray it all on.  Maybe I'll hand roll the garage, but the larger area of the house can have a spray...I'm still not going up a high ladder to get the tall bits.  We'll hire someone for that or hubby can take on the challenge if he chooses.  Sometimes you need to give in and hire someone to make life easier...tricky for a frugal gal.
 The system, paint then move to drying racks (see below).  We ended up painting on the patio table to save our back today though.

Well my back hurts so I think I'll call it a day and start packing up some things in the house so we'll be ready for rear demolition day in a few weeks.  Bits at a time will make life easier rather than a big panic when it's time.

 Looky, new doors are in!  
Nice big heap of garbage that I don't have to clean up!!!!

I just love coming across little bits of a house's history - the bottom right shows a minty green colour the shingles were once painted, would've been cute back in the day.  
My cat sure likes to squeeze into that space to get under the house, along with all the other critters in the neighbourhood too I bet.

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