Busiest last couple of weeks we've ever had I do believe.  We're all "moved" into the garage now and it's at about 95% completion.  I can't believe I haven't taken photos yet, my darned camera ran out of batteries and the thought of trekking back into the house to get new ones makes me feel tired, lol.  Plus, it's a little all over the place at the moment.  It sort of feels like camping/cottaging/being in a house.  We have no laundry or shower facility and no kitchen sink so that makes things interesting.  Our gracious neighbours offered up the use of their shower and we're doing our dishes in the bathroom laundry tub (so glad we purchased).  Yet to do laundry, but that'll end up at my parents house I'm sure.  Taking a while to adapt although we're only heading into night 3 so it'll take time.  We didn't want to lug everything we owned in here so we've left clothing behind so every night I gather up what we'll wear tomorrow along with whatever other item we're needing at the time.  I miss flopping on the sofa to watch TV although we still have it set up in the house, but no sofa.  That's long buried...you'll see.  We'll get the hang of it and remind ourselves that it's all worth it. 

Where we're at now...
Just painting bits on the exterior of the garage plus a couple of electrical things to be done and interior trim will happen when the house is having it's done.  
Yesterday they started ripping apart the back of the house...drywall and windows have come out along with any fixtures.  Our kitchen, while still functional, but without hot water (tank is now servicing the garage), is storing the bathtub and bathroom vanity.  The boys' room has all our clothes along with the toilet and washer/dryer.  Deep breath Essy.

Few random shots until I find some batteries to show you the rest...

Start of vinyl plank install (returning 12 boxes since we opted not to finish the front of the garage, the car won't mind).
This is where sympathy for me comes into play.  Moving that piano up one entire stair rise to get it in here was BRUTAL.
Smashy, smashy time for my oldest (he wanted to having a 'Smashing Party' with all his friends, but this Mum was to tired to make that happen.

More to follow once I get around to finding those batteries.  Anything good on TV?

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