Something's Missing

I'm always amazed at how much can happen in a short amount of time around here.  Went camping with some friends over the weekend and came home to find half my house in the garbage bin!

 Here she is in the way she was circa 1912.  
I strain to imagine how this area must've looked back then.  I imagine it starting out as a sailor's family home or perhaps just your average dockyard worker.  Modest and comfortable for the time.

Half a house smaller - on the left if the boys bedroom closet, center would've been the old exterior door and a window next to it.

Well that solves that, the playhouse had no choice but to be removed.  They did a fantastic job of keeping it in one piece for the move.  There was talk of having to smoosh it, but sorted it out and relocated it. 

Finding it's new home.  Not the most ideal location, but that would've been where our current veggie patch is and there was no way I was about to work to get that area ready.  Here it'll stay and house our chickens one day.

Doesn't hurt to ask...I had the excavator remove a couple of stumps that have been in our way for a real long time.  Plink, out in a flash!
 Watching from a safe distance.

I can stand way back now and see just how nice and big our property is.  Too bad we need to fill much of it back up with house.

Foundation excavation has been done and inspected, next week concrete.
You're looking at the future back french door spot.

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