Ta-daaaa, I present the garage.

Here, at last, are some finished (well not quite) photos of the garage.  Obviously this is a make shift set up to get us through the next while and will be much nicer looking digs when the appropriate room title is appointed.

A special thanks to my Mum for doing our last 5 days worth of laundry at her house for us.  Washed, sorted, folded.  Thanks Mum!

 The al-fresco dish drying area (remind any of you of camping???)

 The toilette avec laundry tub, aka dish washing area

 le boudoir - how's that for decor?  A lovely garage door panel with primed walls

 View of media room.  Please note Olivia is sitting next to her kitty bed instead of in it.  She's mad I threw away her normal pillow

 The dining room

 Kids hall/bits of tools and things spot/make up beauty salon (I am not to be trusted putting in drywall anchors so the mirror in the bathroom install job is waiting for hubby to do)

 The food prep spot (still have stove in the house).  Note the blue tub to put dirty dishes in that are to be washed three x's a day in the laundry tub.

Unrelated, but look, boys found a peacock feather in a parking lot today!  Rarely do you find an un-mangey one.

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