Things, as usual, are moving along at a steady pace.  The crew were busily setting up the forms for the concrete being poured tomorrow at 11.  Exciting to see the footprint of the house really showing itself.  Found our living room ceiling height can be 7" higher than planned going from 9'3" to 9'10", so that's nice.

 The garbage pile is now a back fill pile.  Also a fantastic place for the kids to play.

 I do wonder what happens to all the boards when they are removed after the concrete is poured.  Seems a waste to head to the dump.

 I got all excited when I saw the form for the support post (center right of photo).  It will be at the bottom of the stairs.

 Hoorah, the recycling bins have been unearthed!

 Again, looking at where the french doors will lead out.  I do wish a little that the indentation was in 3' rather than 2', but too late.

Fun way to cook our dinners when not using the toaster or microwave ovens.  Fun for about 2 seconds then we'll be sick of it and won't want to look at it when we camp next month.  Cool propane oven though.

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