House Demo and Treasure

Got enough battery juice to get these photos uploaded...

 The pile is getting bigger - will be scavenging for some ReStore donations such as doors and other goods.
 Windows and drywall are out.
 Hey, it's the old exterior siding as seen in my cover photo.  We thought the back was added in the 80's, but now we're not so sure what happened when.
 Bathroom looks so tiny without any fixtures.
 Standing in our old master looking at the kids closet on the left and our kitchen pantry on the right.
Look who were hiding behind the drywall all cosy in the insulation (you can just see them in the photo above in the bottom left of the pantry) - some old Fisher Price toys.  Wonder how they got there?  Were they someone's treasure hidden to be unearthed one day such as we did?  Think we'll do the same, maybe with a toy and a loonie.

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