Dining Room

Well while we wait and wait and wait on permits I might as well focus on the fun bits for a while.  We were warned it might take up to six weeks to get them through and we're nearing that now, nice to know that everyone is ready as soon as we get the OK though.

I've had my fabric selected for ages now so I'll start to mentally put each room together.  I reckon while I'm down one daycare child this month I can start to do some sewing and since the now living room will be staying in tact I could be starting there.  The living room will become a nice sized dining room once we're all done.  It'll be quite nice in there as it's a South facing window so it's cheery on a sunny day plus we have a wood burning stove in there so makes it cosy on colder days.   I dream of actually having our family over for a meal without turning the house upside to accommodate everyone.  We don't entertain much now for this reason.

This is such a lovely print from Tonic Living and since I've very generous parents who gave me a gift card to them for my birthday, I can go ahead and purchase the yardage necessary to do the four panels for the, soon to be, dining room drapes!  (ooh goody, my husband just gave me a gift card to them too!)  I am not a great sewer, but I can manage a straight line alright, I also trust that no one ever looks at ones seams close enough to judge anyway...right? Riiiiiight?

Tonic Living's "Gazebo"  $22/yard

"Ingolf" dining chair from Ikea will someday make it's way into the fold, our current ones are being beaten into the ground by children!  @ $79.99 they're affordable and sturdy

The paint selection will be General Paint's "Juan de Fuca, CH060" which I'm having trouble getting an image of.  It's a shade of green that picks up on the gray tone on the fabric.  I'll also show the before of the "dining" room once it's tidied up a bit!  Our little one is sick today so the sofa is strewn with sicky supplies.

There it is, all tidy again and getting more and more cluttered as we need to find homes to put things as we go  

These current drapes will head on up to the boys' bedroom

Here it sits...waiting to become something useful, other than a storage space.  Picture this...foreground will be a bedroom, then a bathroom, then kitchenette, then living space.
Mini looks a little lonely :(

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