Epic Painting

We ended last week with a dry walled upper floor and a delivery of the remaining Hardie Siding and trim pieces.  Our endlessly dry summer is to end Monday so we hope to have much of it painted this weekend.   Really, we only NEED to pre-paint what will be on the higher parts, but it sure would be nice to have it installed with only caulking needing to be painted at the end.  We'll see how we do.  

So next week is the taper coming to work upstairs while the others continue on down then after that it's over to us to paint inside.  Can't wait!  While the taper is working (and they're done the drywall) they'll start work on replacing the rotten wood bits around the old house. 

 Boys' closet
 Master - spot where the bed will go

Upstairs bath

 Master - TV wall
 Staircase.  We really think we should've installed a fireman's pole from the boys closet to below...DARN IT!

Last weekend's painting (those are stacks of Hardie on the left, not just a few.
Our next lot :/ Hardie on the left, trim work and belly bands on the right.

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