Concrete Poured

Friday was driveway and slab get 'er done concrete pour.  A large number of very muscular men showed up at 7:30am and speedily, yet carefully, wheel barrelled load upon load of concrete to create the house slab, driveway repair and new patio.  It was suggested by our contractor that we take advantage of them being here and have them do a patio at the same time.  Great idea and it was the right price so we went for it.  I'm really pleased we did but am busting to know exactly what colour it will turn out.  Right now it's a dark charcoal but there's such a layer of the dye dust on it still that we don't know the exact effect.  Wish it would stay the same as it is now but in the end it will likely be quite marbled.  Scrubbing will remove any of the bits I don't like.  For the deal we were given I'm fine with that!

Well it was a gorgeous day so beers on our current "patio" (table and chairs on grass) is in store for this evening.

 Too bad I don't have any roller skates, that's a perfect spot for it.

 Kids got to do their prints

 The difference in colour and pattern will be less noticeable once we install a fence with gate (for future dog) along that line and onto the garden path.

 This is one spot that has less dye on it which I believe the rest will look like once it's cleaned up.  

 It's much darker in person, much like a piece of charcoal.

The stamping mats and dye.

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