Second Floor and Patio

What a difference a week can make.  Second floor is mostly up and will have the roof trusses up next week.  The kids are having a great time poking around up there with Dad but I'm too chicken to climb up the ladder to have a peek.  

Sealed the patio today.  Right as I finished a wind picked up from no where and scattered sawdust all about so I'm hoping it had dried enough before that happened so it doesn't stick in it forever.  *sigh

 Ooh wee, look how big it is now!

Top left is the boys' bedroom, top right is master with a vertical window on each side of room (that little opening just hasn't been cut out yet).  Bottom left is two windows flanking french door and right are triple windows in the TV area.

Getting start after brushing powder to the depth we wanted and then using the leaf blower to remove any dust and debris.


- just a light sheen that can be made shinier with extra coats (we won't be).

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