Well, it's finally happened, I hit the renovation wall.  Sick, that's what I am.  I haven't been sit around sick since last Dec.24 and I know what to blame...myself.  You can really get caught up in the process of finishing  your home especially with a deadline that was created.  Also, taking care of one's self doesn't feel like priority when you've got wee ones, day care ones and rooms to be loved.  We've about 18 coming for Christmas dinner, which we are hugely looking forward to, so wanted everything to be tickety boo.  I think we'll mostly make it (other than the exterior) and if we don't, well that's OK.  Not like we'll be judged and it's really only a self-inflicted deadline so the only ones we'll disappoint is ourselves, well mostly me, but whatever.

I sure hope to complete the downstairs bathroom this weekend.  I'm going to study up on what I can about DIY board and baton and give it a go.  I've never used a chop saw, or any other kind of saw for that matter, so I'm going to face my fear of losing a body part and just go for it, safely.  Watching these guys cut shingles while balancing on scaffolding makes me think it can't be that hard to try it on solid ground with a supportive husband showing me the ropes.  It's one of the rooms I was most excited about seeing complete, but so far it's been the most neglected which is a downer.

Well, off I go to my sofa perch for a little while longer.  I can only give this cold one more day so it best co-operate with my plans or else.

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