Craft Room!

This has been a loooooong, long, long time coming, but I've finally created a space for a craft room.  Mostly for me to dilly dally away at whatever I fancy and for others to come in and use it too.  The latter is ONLY if they promise not to mess it all up!!!  I have a serious goal on learning how to sew skirts and to get back into Sumi Painting or rather learn again how to do it.

It's not totally finished yet, but I feel pretty pleased on the difference in there from this morning until this evening.  The first run of photos are before - be gone!  Please note the holes in the roller blind that were caused by our cat when she first me the dog we temporarily had.  Climbed right up to the top then flew across the room out the door!

 This used to be the boys' room!  Two kids in a bunk bed, twas a little squishy for them.  Then it became the storage room during house reno time, then it became the last place to dump things while the other rooms were being set up.  This is also the only totally original part left in the house.  We wonder if was at some point some sort of bathroom, hard to say.  

 Felt a little bad taking motorcycle man off the wall.  He lived at the lower bunk level.
Hmm, wonder if I can find a photo of their old bedroom.  Would've have been silly not to have taken one.

 Love that original detail for the door header.

 This is it now.  Not loving that corner, but hubby needs to put his dresser some place.  That wee closet is now not usable as it opens to the 2 x 4's to the stairs.  I can still use it for craft punch storage hung from the door inside...still to happen.

These are the 'Janette' drapes from Ikea which I had originally chosen for the dining room.  They were feeling a little too jazzy for that room, but serve well for a creative space.  Superman may or may not stay, he's kind of fun.  

I may paint the walls a navy blue at some point or white, but everything seems to be white in our house right now so some wall colour might be a nice change.

 Used the boys' old Bakugan board for putting up things that are of the moment for me.

 Love a peacock lantern.  Doesn't really go with the room that great, but it's pretty fun so I'll go with it.

A nice contained area for all the rolls of things that are needed for whatever.

Yay, bought a Roomba today!  With all this new floor space sweeping has become a major and constant undertaking. It's had it's first run tonight and I look forward to many more days of it working for me.  It has been named 'Buckety Boo' and 'Guns' by the kiddos.

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