The Before

Taking photos of a space or structure sure gives you a different perspective...great tip if you're redoing a room - take a photo after to get a different eye on what you've done - either you did a professional, magazine worthy job or you may see some spots that still need attention.
This is the house in question.  The front half is pretty functional so shall remain.  It's also the original 1912 portion and it's earned the right to survive a few more decades (1912 is pretty old in this neck of the woods).  The back half with the flat roof is what shall be transformed.  Please don't judge me for the state of our lawn and surrounding area as we're in seek and toss mode for all the "stuff" we no longer use as well as it's winter, it's not going to be all lovely and flowery just yet.
The rear view - master bedroom on the left, sun room on the right
Looking down the drive - the gate will be gone as it got wrecked in our last wind storm and the riding toys and garbage bins will find some sort of enclosure - no more raccoon dumping trash clean up.

A bright February afternoon - you can see why our family of 4 plus cat doesn't really function too well here.


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