Bring on the Square Footage

So picture this...the bit at the front is the kitchen so the new part will step down into an area with the new bathroom to the left and the stairs to the right, then it opens up to a massive living area that will house a 'L' shape sectional, nice sized TV,  as well as a sitting area around our piano that never gets played because it's never in a good spot. There will be French Style doors leading to a patio area that then leads to the back yard and detached garage. 

Then we head upstairs...oh stairs, how I've missed you.  You go up the stairs that are well lit thanks to a skylight, from the landing you go right to the boys shared room (one can move to a room downstairs when they tire of each other's company), next to that is our glorious master which is 70 sq ft larger than our current.  It's designed to house a king bed which we may or may not purchase.  Turn left into the walk through closet (the large one is mine), then enter into the shared bathroom, exit from there to the laundry closet and storage.  So there you go, a grand 1300 sq ft improvement!

ps...Still waiting on the estimate on how much this will all cost :/

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