The First

I had a moment of "this is a worth a blog" moment today so thought why not?  Fun way to share what's going on with the project with fellow demo/reno'ers and family and friends alike.

This is what we're up against...
Taking our 1200 sq ft house, tearing down 500 sq ft of it, replacing it with a two story 1300 sq ft addition making it into a whopping 2000 sq ft.  We don't have the heart or money to do a complete demolition - it's earned the right to exist after 100 yrs of life (lives).
Also hoping to convert our 500+ sq ft garage into a usable space for a play zone and for storage.   When our municipality smartens up and allows garden suites then we'll make it into a legal rental. 
In the end we'll end up with technically 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms in the main house and a one bedroom "suite" in the garage (I won't really call it that cause it's not going to be that just yet).

So where we're at right now is the house and garage plans are complete and it's gone to tender for the trades.  Here's hoping we can complete both projects for, gulp, $200000.  If we can't then the garage will be nixed for a while.  The last thing we want is to be stuck with a crippling mortgage.

I'll get some photos up when I figure out how to keep the rotation of my saved ones, argh.

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