Garage and Colour!

It's darn real now... handed over a pretty sizable cheque today for the go ahead of our garage conversion.  We are reluctant to sign off for the house since the hazardous materials test and permits haven't been completed yet, so we've got an amended contract which basically says we're going ahead with the garage now, but will go ahead with the house when those items are settled.  We're finding our Contractor and Designer to be very willing to make things work for all parties, couldn't be happier.

Now the fun part is to completely empty our garage and get rid of any bits laying about by Monday (should happen then or abouts).  Since we nixed the U-pak idea the kept contents of the garage have been moved to the sun room, shed and the kids playhouse!  Still some big items to go, but we'll make room...someplace.

Boy, we should build a bigger house :)

Oh yes, I also found the house colour combo of my dreams today so I'll head out once again to get some sample tins finalise it.  So excited now as that's been really weighing on my mind.

My only disappointed lately is that I went to head over to Ikea on the weekend (4 hr trip away including ferry ride), but a friend luckily noticed their add that they were moving locations.  Phoned to see what kind of stock they had and she said they were down to liquidation.  As hugely fun as that would be to poke through deals, I really did want some particular items.  Try again next month.  Boo.

This post looks lonely so I'll add some photos of my colour choice as soon as I can.  

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