Wow, it only took up about 3 months of my thoughts, but I've decided on an exterior paint colour.  13 colours tested which I'm very glad I did as what you see on a paint chip can be very different in reality.  Last week walking the kids to school there was a newly renovated house on the different route we took, what a beauty!  I went up and rang their doorbell on Friday to see if they would mind me holding my paint deck up, but no one was home.  The colour I had pre-selected that I thought was it turned out to be darned close so I didn't need to stand there giving myself a colour consultation.  Good match, I was happy.

Went to General Paint yesterday and got a test pot of "Wicket" a lovely greenish gray or grayish green, depends how you see it.  I plan on doing that with white trim and a sill detail in either darkest colour from that shade or with a British Racing Green - hey it'll match our Austin Mini :)  hmmm, with our white wagon and our green Mini I wonder if we'll look like we're matching our house to our cars.  Give your head a shake Essy, that's a bad road for you to go down!

So here it is, what do you think?  

Oh and with any luck the garage interior demolition will commence tomorrow!  That means we have to bust it out and finish emptying it.  So close now just those few bits we don't know where to put left.

Left chip is a British Racing Green and the right is chocolate brown which might be nice as detail
The rest is General Paint's "wicket"  

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