Well I'm zeroing in on a exterior paint colour.  Went and purchased six sample pots from Benjamin Moore to try out, two of which I liked.  I also tried out the trim colour we currently have which is a dark army green.  I think I'll have to nix that idea as when I looked over at the shed painted in the same colour I noticed that it was quite faded compared to what I freshly tried out.  No good.

I really think I'm heading in the gray direction now.  My husband says the gray I like looks like concrete, but done correctly it will look very classy with white trim and black details such as wrought iron here and there and planters.  I would love a glossy black front door, but I don't have the heart to paint over our fairly nice oak door  we currently have.  I can be a bit of a purist in those respects - I like original woods and brick.  

I'm going to head over and pick up a sample of Behr's Tea Bag just in case though and I still haven't excluded the thought of keeping it the same colour we have now - very practical if we're only doing stucco patch work on the garage conversion rather than siding.  It's a constant!

The inspiration...
Photo taken from blog site www.theimpatientgardener.com

I really like the idea of that whole porch window detail being in white, as well as all other trim then the body painted gray

Could one of these be the winner?

The testers
I like the end one and the darker gray (I do really like some of these for the garage interior paint though)

The 'Gray Horse' on the left is pretty good, picture it all with white trim and black accents.
The greenish gray on the right is reminding me a of a McDonald's Shamrock Shake so that simply won't do
...or do we just go with the Montana Tan we're currently sporting, but with white trim, that's a must!

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