I'm at it AGAIN!

Update - still waiting on permits...still trying to pick exterior paint colour.

I had every intention of going to the paint store today to get some sample colour paints tins, really I did.  Instead I walked by the wall of colours and found myself, once again, looking through them all to see if I like one just that much better.  Well I guess I did as I walked away with another hand full of chips.  Now I know why people hire decorators (like myself) to choose for them.  I can choose a colour for another person in a heartbeat and they turn our very successful, but picking for myself has proven to be very tricky.  I think my problem is that I like so many colours but at the same time find it hard to commit since an exterior paint colour is not something you can't easily change once a year.   This needs to be a 10 year commitment so it better be good!  My husband keeps saying just go with the colour we have now but I'm finding it just too tan, needs to go either a bit more gray or a bit more green. 

While I do have several brands of paint decks I seem to have better success choosing from a store's wall of colour....well maybe I have more success, we'll have to see about that.

The ones I don't really like

The ones that I  like...today.
I use a white sheet of paper to represent the trim since I'll be going white for that for sure
The two above the white piece of paper are looking pretty good to me, below is the 'tea bag' that I liked last week, but now it's looking tan! 

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