Headache...oh, I mean Headboard

Since the fabric wasn't wide enough to go the width of the board I had to do some match up and sew together work.  All was going so well and I had thought to myself that everything was going so swimmingly then...RATS!  I had cut to size the wrong chunk of fabric.  I didn't have enough extra to correct the problem and I'm too cheap to buy more so I just went with it and decided that I would really be the only one to care about my mistake.  I may always think of that mistake every single time I look at it forever on out, but hey, worse things can happen.

Overall though I think it looks pretty nice and around about October I'll be able to install in onto the bed rails.  No point doing that now as our bedroom is slowly becoming storage space for all that's being moved around for this project.  I'll just wrap it up and store it someplace.

Another day I'll post about the master plan for the Master, but today is just too nice and sunny out to be thinking about that. 

Hope I don't have wrongly cut bird upholstery nightmares tonight :/

1984 Glam Headboard

Sort out where the fabric should go
(those birds really fought with me)

 Remember, I'm frugal so this is an old mattress pad I saw peaking out of the cupboard that I used for some padding for just a little comfort and poofiness

The mistake. 
That wrong side is the piece I should've cut, but I did the main bit underneath by accident.  Anyway, whatever, I sewed these together - one panel on each side

Staple, staple, staple then voila, done!
I reckon those two off center birds will be covered up by shams so I'm not too worried about their position (normally that would make me crazy).  When I've decided on wall colour then I'll paint out the legs so they disappear a bit or else just let the skirt and nightstands hide them.

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