The Kid Test

Boo, another surprise cost - a hazardous material test for the portion of the house coming off.  They'll need to take samples from the walls, floor and structure at the point where the section will be removed.  Here's hoping for no asbestos :/  Doubtful, but with these things you never know, safety for all comes first!  The front half was built in 1912 and the second half (that's coming off) is circa 1980 so it's hard to say what will be found.

In other developments...
I've decided on a carpet for the stairs and second floor!  The best one seems to be Fabrica's 'Denali' in colour 'Ovation'.

I had all my carpet samples out and matched up the right one to all the other selections I made for finishings so far, then narrowed it down to two, then decided on this colour solely for it's kid resistant factor.  It's remained the exact same colour all week while I had it lying in the most highly kid trampled spot in the house.  I'm happy - not that I won't vacuum and clean just as often, but it's nice to know that if I miss a day when company is coming, I don't have to be embarrassed!

Thanks Fabrica!

Fabrica Denali in Ovation DN12

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