Headboard Idea

I'm thinking to maintain my sanity while I wait for things to get going I should really start on some projects that will be used in the new house. 

I have this dream of a bedroom retreat that the kids will only be allowed in with strict rules applied to their visit.  With our house being so tiny right now, our master seems to be the destination hiding spot for hide 'n seek.  Makes me nuts.  Especially when the freshly washed laundry is in a pile to be folded.  Somehow that pile ends up in a mass on the floor once they're done.  Grr.  Anyway, the new master will be a grown up woman's oasis (my husband will be allowed in, but it'll be all ME).  I see fabrics of all sorts of patterns and textures, real furniture (not random hand me downs that we just have just cause), soothing paint and white where ever it can go.  I need to be practical and know that may not all happen right off the bat, but I'll see what we can do about that!

I've had my parents circa 1985 headboard for a while now.  It's been with us for a while, then a friend used it, now it's back to us as of today.  I reckon tomorrow's job will be to head to the fabric store for some batting so I can reupholster it.  I ordered the fabric from Tonic Living some time ago so now is a good of time as any to ger 'er done. 

It's a pretty simple job, but I'll do a before, during and after shot so you get the idea.  I'll post that once complete, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Here's a teaser of the fabric I'll use.  Too bad it'll have to wait about 5 months to show itself off. 

Tonic Living's 'Vintage Blossom in Jade'
$20.95 USD/YD

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