Today it was a refreshing change to not think about the renovation too much.  I did take the time in the am to have nice stroll to the park with the kids and really have a look around the great neighbourhood we live in.  March and April are a particularly pretty time around here.  Our area, as well as much of our city, has the most lovely looking and smelling cherry blossom trees in bloom this time of year.  Our street are lined both sides with them, including a great big one right outside our front door. 

Cherry blossoms, much like peacocks and art nouveau, are also a huge decorative love for me.  I get pretty jealous when I see little girl rooms all decked out with blossom decoration (not that I don't love my boys and their want for a BumbleBee and Bowser room).  You'll see blossom touches here and there in the new place I'm sure...I'm sure.  If I don't then I may just have to plan a trip around the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.  Hey, we need that here.

Pretty easy to see why we don't want to move...Now to get the city to remove those unsightly power lines, phft!

Our street

Around the corner (a great oceanfront park right at the end of this)

Can't beat that

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