Mixed Bag

Excited and somewhat nervous is what today's feeling is.  The designer and builder are coming by tomorrow with our estimate!  Nervous just incase the house is a little too steep to be able to do the garage within our financial comfort limits.  Excited cause hopefully we can!

Garage clean out is about 3/4 complete.  The massive truck load of garbage left this am ($50 to dump it!), the U-Pak is 2/3 full, the garage sale pile is looking decent and the remaing work to be done is just bits and pieces so we're doing well.

Off to the grocery store for soup fixings. Might be a good idea to make extra of things to freeze for those busy days of packing and renoing ahead to have food at the ready.  Still a wintery, rainy day so soup seems to fit the bill but I suppose in 3 months time that won't be quite what we're wanting.  Whatever.

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