Well that went pretty well (estimate presentation) and looks like the project will be a GO!  Numbers were looking fantastic, but then we saw the 'HST not included' under the price.  *GASP!  Well we could wait a year and a half for the HST (harmonised sales tax) to be abolished or just suck it up and do it.  Do it.  I can't live in this wee house much longer without losing my mind.  Is it because it's a house full of boys???  Not sure, but if I don't have a second washroom soon things may get ugly.

Anyhoo, put the word to the bank that we're ready for a home appraisal so we can get our loan then looks like May is start date (and after permits go through).  Yahoo!

Almost had a wrench thrown into works this afternoon when I looked out our window to see a 'for sale' sign on our neighbours newly renovated two story 6 bedroom house!  Meltdown averted when we learned the price and that two of the bedrooms were part of a suite.  That would bring the living space to what we're in now so someone else can have it!  Lucky they will be too though as it's a nice house on the best street.

To boot, I almost had another wrench thrown in my house colour choice when I learned that Hardie Plank siding boards were pre-coloured and that I didn't really like any of those colours.   Thankfully they've changed how they do things and we can paint whatever colour we, correction, I like.  Phew. 

I need a whisky...drat, don't have any.

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