Tea Bag

I think I've got it...I think.  I've chosen an exterior paint colour.  The lucky paint is Behr's Tea Bag UL180-8 and I would pair it with white trim, but still need to decide on detail colour and front porch floor colour.  The kids actually let me browse through Home Depot on the weekend so I got a few ideas cooking for things including floor selection for the garage.  I will definitely get a sample pot for this colour choice just to be sure and knowing me I'll keep on looking just in case something better comes along, but for today (and yesterday), this is it!

Now, I've got 2 1/2hrs all to myself this morning so it's time for a nice quiet tea with some Food Network R&R.  Food Network is another guilty pleasure for me, I love learning new recipes, most of which I never make since I'm a vegetarian :/  Whatever.

'Behr, Tea Bag UL180-8'
It's a fairly neutral shade with just a titch of green

'Allure Vinyl Plank in Milano'
This vinyl plank has to be the most amazing product for high traffic homes.  It's very easy to install and can be cut to size with just a metal ruler and blade.  From there it's just place the edge over another's sticky side to lay.  With heaps of kids running through here all scratches made have just disappeared (except the one where my husband dragged a huge tv across the floor, ahem).  Also, it's very easy to keep clean and is ideal for any water spills that can happen.  We've fooled many into thinking it's actual hardwood since at first glance it's very convincing. 
Just $47.76 per 24 sq ft box.

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