Bitter with a Giant Scoop of Sweet

Bitter/sweet happenings this coming week...Bitter as we've got an awful lot of work behind those doors, things to purge, memories to store in mind instead of things. Sweet since for the first time in 6yrs we'll see this space empty again and ready for a new life.

Tomorrow am we have a U-Pak storage container being delivered to house all the “things” we “need” to hold onto for either actual use or items that are too meaningful to actually rid ourselves of. We've got our old fridge we'll want to hold onto, a washer/dryer that we need to fix to be able to use again and a whole bunch of other stuff. The how ever many ago owner's decided they needed to store every piece of dowel they ever found and hold onto metal venting in the rafters so that'll be fun to get down!  Our local elementary school is holding a scrap metal drive in May so we'll be able to donate which is nice.

The idea behind the garage was originally to use it as an income garden suite, our municipality won't allow detached suites and wouldn't allow it to become attached as that opens up a whole lot of problems with the set back rules for the house as well as the size allowance for the lot. So we've decided it's best to go ahead and finish it now and use it for ourselves to live in while the main house is renovated. We believe after the house renovation is done we'll have to remove the stove to abide by the bylaws of this structure. After that we can then use it for our personal fun – cool hangout spot for the kids...or the adults. We will keep the front part as a spot for the car with garage door and close it up properly when it can serve as a proper bedroom. Then when detached garden suites are allowed we're good to go (hopefully it will come to light). I'm not completely jazzed on being a landlord but a suite that size would generate about $800-$900/month in this area which basically covers the whole cost of the entire renovation over time. As my favourite home renovation show 'IncomeProperty' tells us – “get those cheques to the bank”!

So today while all the kids are either napping or quietly playing I'll head over to the Ikea Kitchen Planner and see what I can come up with for a little kitchenette space for us to use for a few months. It's such a drag, we are no where close to an Ikea so we have to plan it all via catalogue and computer then take a ferry over to the nearest one. Makes for a fun day trip anyway.  It's etiquette to tell all your friends you're going so they can give you a list of what they want you to buy them - 'An Ikea Run'.

Better dust off and put on my decorator cap and start designing!

Seems harmless enough doesn't it?  Wait until I open the door for you, mwa ha ha ha ha!  Maybe I'll show you - it's quite embarrassing in there.

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