I'm the reason the "Dummy" books were made...

If you know me you will know that computers and I don't always get along very well so it's kind of funny that I would want to do a blog. I plug away at it, learning how do things and try to get faster at it with each go. My computer is definitely my friend when it comes to this renovation. When I can sneak away from all my other responsibilities I poke around at all the wonderful product sites and DIY blogs, getting inspired and learning new tricks of the trade. Back in my old college days the internet was barely used so we did all of our research by text books and magazine searches.  I'd sit for ages making my idea books, gluing cut out Style at Home images into spiral bound sketch pads.  My design world opened up when I embraced the internet.
I find the most useful site for this renovation so far is Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest, what an amazing addiction – everything a creative person could hope for. The site where you need an invite to join but won't be denied. Not only great for recipes and craft tips and a whole bunch of other categories, but just to see how others have tackled their own projects, it's fantastic. I've a board named “Our New House” to which I “pin” every item I truly plan to purchase or every idea I truly find inspiring and that I would actually do in the new place (I pin from the original source whenever possible). It's been a wonderful place to store all those ideas and keep track of price and where the item will be bought from. With a click of the mouse I can be brought back to the web page to which the item was first found, genius idea.

Now enough of this, I must get back to pinning!

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