It is a Pickle!

If we could go back in time to when we first moved in here there are some things we wouldn't have bothered improving, not realising we would someday be switching it all up. Some of those things are painting the exterior, putting on a new roof and placing this playhouse where we did.
The dilemma today is that the new house will be 2' wider and 8' (?) longer than what's there now which brings it only 1' away from the playhouse. The options rotate daily about how to deal with this. We can either dismantle it and use it as really expensive firewood, sell it and they can take it down, move it to a new spot or keep it right where is and live with it like that until no one plays in it anymore. Today I'm thinking we just leave it where it is and just have it not looking too pretty for a couple of years back there. Alot of time and effort went into it's construction so it's a shame to take it down now plus it's posts are in 3' of concrete so not really an easy move. As well it's future may include being a chicken coop or storage shed so there's that to think about.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I'm sure more pickles will pop up over the coming months.

(again, please don't judge me on the state of our yard, remember winter and purge mode!)

The rope line demonstrates where the new addition will come to

Where we should've put the playhouse - 15' to the left :/

What a happy discovery while taking the other photos - Crocus and Snowdrops atop of Hosta bulbs - Spring is that you?

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