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With May fast approaching that means exterior colour choice should happen in the near future to ensure no rash decision is made on the fly.  I could listen to my kids and either do a red, bright blue or rainbow house, but I think they can do that on their own houses someday (not that I don't appreciate colourful homes).  As for me, I flip through my paint decks daily, looking for that IT colour that will just speak to me. Today I take inspiration from my living room drapery fabric choice and see what I can come up with.

I just have to give praise to Tonic Living. They have the most amazing on line collection of sophisticated, modern, fun and all purpose fabrics I've found in one place.  Price points are amazing, often at just $9.95/yard.   We'll be doing most of our fabric buying through them.  All those choices I'll talk about another day.

For now, let's get crackin' on that exterior paint!  To save about $13000 we'll be doing all the painting ourselves.  As my husband puts it - "she loves to paint, I tolerate it" so I think I'll be the foreman on that job.  I do not do ladders so that means all the siding will be delivered and we'll paint off each strip one at a time then they can put it all up pre-painted.  I have fewer daycare kids here in May so I can bust it out then...I hope.

I'm using Farrow and Ball for my paint deck today.  Unfortunately, their price point is a little beyond our budget but their colours are so wonderful so if you can afford it, go for it!

Which reminds me, I need to check my 6/49 ticket.

Tonic Living's 'Grand Tapestry' will likely be the living drapery, $9.95/yd!
Using this to draw from for today's paint selection and see how I like it.

Cooking Apple Green No. 12
This would look so nice as the house body colour with can white trim and Olive below as sill detail

Olive No. 13
Sill detail

Stone White No. 11
Perhaps an alternate to Cooking Apple (my monitor is making this look crazy bright but the actual sample is quite subdued.

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