Light Blue No.22

Sure, I'm about 5 or 6 months ahead myself for this, but I had my first glance through exterior paint colours today and have fallen in love.  This is what I'm loving today, next week it could be something completely different.  I did, however, just have a thought that since we're doing the garage first (hopefully) they may put on the siding at that time as well or... they may just do it all at once when the project nears completion.  Anyway I may head over for some sample pots and try out some colours.  Watching paint dry.  Fun?  Heck ya!

Presenting Farrow & Ball's 'Light Blue No. 22'

I love the narratives F & B do on the back of their samples, it's such a civilized way to shop for paint.  This is what they say for this particular colour...

"Neutral.  All colour cards must surely include a light blue, but it is one of the peculiarities of the colour blue to build up in intensity when painted in a room.  If you wish for a slightly light blue room, this, rather than the more obviously blue blues, is the one to try."

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