Carpet While I Wait

Carpeting seems to be my major thought for the renovation today.  We're still waiting on the appraisal so may as well spend my time picking finishes now to speed things along later. 

Gabriel Ross is a retailer to a very good make of carpeting so I thought I would work with that product first and see if it fits our budget.  So far, so good, but I'll need to order some samples first to make sure what I like on screen is just as good in person.  Gabriel Ross is in the process of moving locations so all their sample stock is in storage for the time being.  No worries, they can easily order the samples that I'm interested in.

Fabrica, out of California, is the company for the carpet.  They carry nylon and wool carpets as well as rugs and with heaps of selection.  Not only that, they are highly involved with efforts to be as 'green' as possible by using reclaimed water in their carpet making progress and was named the premier mill in the United States by top retailers.  Not too shabby!

We have their carpeting in a couple of our rooms now and for the last 3 yrs they have held up very well to the extreme traffic our household creates.  I definitely chose the wrong colour though as stains and daily dirt show up very easily so I need to clean them often.  Also it's a cut pile with loop so it must hold the dirt tight.  Next colour will be a cut pile and the same colour as dirt!  These guys have 72 colours to choose from in the cut pile I like :/ 

Fabrica's 'Denali in colour Ovation'
Seems like a good colour to mask kid happenings

'Denali in Spiced Curry'

'Denali in Pretzel'

+ 69 other colours to choose from in this pattern alone!

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