A Little Luck

Lucky St. Patrick's Day seemed like a good idea, but maybe a garage sale in March wasn't the best.  That's OK we got rid of a few things and made a few bucks.  It's always strange to me how people choose one item over another.  The things we thought would go in a flash were the camping gear and the toddler shoes.  Both are still here.  There are always those sneaky types too ie.  I was out there before my husband and an older fellow came along and wanted to know the price of an oak swivel chair.  I said $10 and he told me it needed repairs, ummm no, $10 is the price.  I went inside for two seconds when my husband came out and that stinker offered him $5 which he accepted, not knowing I had said $10.  That guy knew darn well what he was doing.  Grrr.  I gave him a head shake but I doubt he cared.  Oh well, one less thing to store or find a home for, but when counting our days end tally I felt gypped that we should've been $5 richer, that's 1/10th of a new lamp for the new house!  I have to say though most people through today were extremely pleasant so overall we're living in a pretty decent society. 

We'll have another sale in April when the weather is more appealing to sale looky loos. 

This week's series of events...waiting for the bank to look over our numbers then she'll order a home appraisal, then the appraiser will let her know our homes current market value, then we can get the deal signed....oh and hand over a honkin' huge cheque to the builder, gulp. 

While the kids are otherwise engaged in new McDonald's toys (bought with their Grandparents on their outing today), I think I need to hit some Pinterest for some interior design eye candy. 

That's it?  That's all we have to store from our garage clean out?  This U-Pak is being unloaded into the sun room of the house, no point storing this amt of stuff for $98/month.  Unfortunately, we're out the $143 it took to get it here, but better to send it back and save 4 or $500.

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