Designs in Bloom

I just have to share the talent of my friend Cathy and her "blooms".  She is mastering the Japanese art of Tsumami Kanzashi and making a business of it as well.  She first mentioned what she was up to about a year or so ago that she does a fabric folding craft.  I had no idea as to how amazing they were until I saw them in person.  I know I don't have the patience to be so careful with such tini bits of fabric so I am in awe.  Talented family over there as her husband is a photographer and has been doing the photo shoots for her blooms and they look wonderful.

She's just launched her new blog site so stop by and have a browse!


Sure, this has nothing to do with our renovation, but renovating is all about creating and seeing things a certain way.  Working with colour, form and function, it has the same principles.

'Blue Flower Hair Clip, Brooch, Kanzashi Accessory'
Doesn't that just say lovely warm summer day to you?

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